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October 27, 20214 mins read

Vegas & The Music Industry: A Look At One Of Entertainment’s Most Interesting Relationships

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We’re a location based social app for musicians. So, it goes without saying… We sometimes want to talk about locations! For this post, guest writer Holly Lucas has covered one of the music industry’s most iconic locations – Las Vegas. 🎰

Guest Post Written by Holly Lucas

Residencies in Las Vegas have been popular attractions since the days of The Rat Pack, Elvis Presley, and Liberace.

The city’s high-level entertainment scene has long offered fun ways for guests to take breaks from the poker tables and slot machines. Therefore, it has naturally become a reliable source of revenue for casinos and musicians alike.

Shifting Sands

For a time in the ’70s and ’80s, people considered the desert city as a retirement home for musicians in decline. Musicians who stopped attracting big-money tours salvaged an income here. Thus, they could leave the limelight gracefully with music jobs in Las Vegas.

However, today’s Vegas could not be any more different from that of decades past.

Las Vegas music job potential now rivals the best music cities in America. It has become a shining beacon both for working musicians and others in the industry.

Las Vegas has seen an uptick in top-quality headliners buoyed by high-profile appearances from A-lister musicians. They rout tours through the city, or engage in long residencies that gross millions. Posters and advertisements are plastered to the sides of skyscrapers. Shows like these attract visitors from around the globe.

There are a few reasons the likes of Beyoncé, Drake, Lady Gaga, and Eminem have all capitalized on this. Firstly, they’ve found opportunities to create once-in-a-lifetime showcases. Secondly, they can earn money while staying in one place, avoiding the headaches and overhead of travel. Lastly, they can also lean on the existing infrastructure and talent pool of Vegas. This results in what are often career-defining shows.

Musicians travelling to Las Vegas, or fortunate to get a booking there, can utilise their free time away from the slots and tables networking. This could be to meet other travelling musicians or locals. To do this, just open your Vampr app on the discovery screen and adjust the location settings to your current location. This might be a chance to get lucky and catch a high rolling Las Vegas music job! 🃏

Lounges and Lobbies

The major casino resorts in Vegas are still best known for their games. Endless streams of guests at slot reels and poker tables provide the bulk of the resorts’ revenue. At the same time, Vegas visitors take breaks amidst their hours-long gaming sessions. These visitors often venture into lobbies, lounges, and bars alongside casinos. Lesser-known artists often play in these and can attract new fans.

It is in the casinos’ interest to make sure these side spaces are entertaining as well. So, it is perhaps not surprising that many of the best poker rooms in Vegas reside mere steps away from bars and other smaller venues. Here, musicians are taking their shots at recognition.

The casinos intentionally place entertainment in “side” or “break” areas alongside their primary gaming offerings. Places like:

  • MGM Grand’s Losers Bar
  • Rockhouse at the Venetian
  • The piano bar at Harrah’s

…and any number of even smaller spots are great places to spot less famous artists or pick up Las Vegas music jobs.

Behind the Scenes

Behind any good event, whether in a lounge or a world-famous arena, there is always a team of unsung heroes working hard.

  • Promoters
  • Ticket sellers
  • Light
  • Sound
  • Staging crews

There are plenty of people helping shows to get off the ground.

These Las Vegas music jobs are often taxing and can involve long hours. But, it’s these jobs that make Vegas a perfect place to find steady work and settle down in one place.

Networking with music bookers, musicians and other music industry workers in Las Vegas is simple using Vampr.

The Underbelly

It’s not all big budgets and glamor. Like most big cities across the country, there is a thriving alternative music scene in Las Vegas. – Perfect for all the purists out there keen to explore beyond the beaten path. In fact, there is a huge undercurrent of venues where small-to-medium-sized acts can get their time on the stage to woo new fans.

Venues in Vegas like:

  • Velveteen Rabbit
  • Double Down Saloon
  • Backstage Bar & Billiards

…regularly host bands.

Record shops in Vegas like:

  • 11th Street Records
  • Moondog Records
  • Record City

…have enough vinyl to satisfy even the most demanding of collectors.

Particularly in the downtown area, almost any night of the week you can stumble across bars with scrappy young indie, punk, country and folk bands organizing their own gigs and taking their shots at building a fan base. DJs easily find Las Vegas music jobs at hotels and parties. Furthermore, there are plenty of opportunities for other genres of music to be showcased.


The old saying of “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know” rings true in the music industry. And Las Vegas is undoubtedly a good place for musicians to network. The tables, bars, and dining areas of some of Vegas’s best casinos are busy hives of activity. Musicians can meet people with shared interests and aspirations.

When they’re lucky, they might just meet the right person who can make a difference and launch a career.

All in all, the history and legacy of Vegas combined with its diverse indie scene makes Sin City an exciting destination for people seeking Las Vegas music jobs.

It has become a must-visit destination for hungry musicians and others in the industry.

Written for by Holly Lucas

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